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        Our company has advanced synthesis lab and analysis lab and invites experts and professors with tens of years experience in pharmaceutical medical fields as our technical advisers. In addition, we cooperate with domestic famous colleges and universities to provide our customers with technical development service. Meanwhile, we provide customized service and products according to special requirements.
        Our professional engineers' team can offer the following services:
        Decision-orientated study of compound;
        Establishment of compounds database;
        Research and production of APIs;
        Preparation of APIS intermediates and trace impurity of drugs and analysis;
        The probing and confirming of analytical method;

        Our Commitment:
        Observe professional ethics and paying attention to win-win cooperation;
        Profound and comprehensive understanding of reaction mechanism, proficiently mastering the methodology and skills of modern chemistry analysis;
        Design and implementation of innovative route;
        High performance techniques development;
        Ten years' scientific research and manufacturing experience;
        Quality, material, and patent background;
        Well understanding of home and abroad customers'  requirements, EHS and on-the-spot audit.

        Contact us

        Add: No. 3, Jinquan Road, Hengjie Town, Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, China P.C.: 315181

        Contact: Mr. Sheng/Miss Cai Tel:+86-574-88285925 Fax:+86-574-88425889


        E-mail:jadeskt@163.com sales@mhpharm.com.cn sales@nbmhchem.com

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