Furniture Pads

furniture pads

Moving pads, also known as furniture blankets or floor protectors, are an essential part of any moving plan. They are used to protect your furniture during a move from scratches and other damage, which can be extremely expensive.

Whether you’re renting a moving truck or using a DIY move, you should definitely have furniture pads on hand. You can find them at moving companies like New Haven and Penske, or you can buy them from online retailers or home improvement centers.

The Benefits of Furniture Pads

No matter the type of furniture you have, it is bound to get scratched during a move. During transport, even a single scratch on your furniture can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs or replacements. This is why movers recommend that you use furniture pads during your next move.

A furniture pad is a soft, thick blanket that will prevent your furniture from getting scratched during transportation. These blankets are often woven, and they can be placed under or over your furniture to prevent it from being hit by other objects or thrown around during the process of a move.

When it comes to buying a furniture pad, you should consider a few things:

The Material that Makes Up the Pad

A good furniture pad must contain a batting or filler that is made of ample weight to properly protect your furniture and objects during transport. Batting that is not made of sufficient weight can cause subtle bumps and crevices in the pad, which will ultimately damage the items being moved.

The Fabric That Makes Up the Pad

A well-made furniture pad must also be made of a durable and soft material, such as cotton or poly-cotton blends. These fabrics will not only be easier to clean, but they will also provide the highest level of protection and strength for your furniture.

The most common material for a moving pad is polyester, but it will not provide the same amount of protection as a poly-cotton blend. If you are moving more delicate, high-end, or valuable pieces of furniture and other items, then it is a good idea to invest in a pad made from a poly-cotton blend.

Another important factor to look for in a furniture pad is the stitch pattern. The better the stitch pattern, the more resistant and protective the pad will be.

This is a very important consideration, especially if you are moving an antique or other valuable piece of furniture. It is recommended that you purchase a pad that has a strong zigzag stitch pattern, so that it will stay in place during transport.

If you are moving a piece of furniture that is made of solid wood, then it is recommended that you purchase a pad that is made from 100% cotton, or a poly-cotton blend. This will offer the best protection and will last longer than a pad that is only made of polyester.

If you’re unsure about which type of pad is right for your move, talk to a professional moving company. They will be able to recommend the best furniture pads for your needs. They will also be able to provide you with a moving estimate and help you avoid damage during your next move.

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