How to Cover Up Unsightly Cords in Your Wall Lamp

wall lamp cord cover

In our high-tech world, cords are a necessity but they can also get in the way of beautifully styled spaces. This easy hack is an affordable and quick home upgrade that makes a big difference.

This stylish plug-in wall lamp features a blush-colored dome shade and modern metal design that pairs well with contemporary, farmhouse, minimalist and other decor styles. The back plate of this sconce hozo covers the cord to enhance aesthetics while preventing any visual disruptions, and its rotary socket switch allows you to operate it easily.

If you want your sconce to blend in seamlessly with your walls, choose a paint color that closely matches them and apply this cord cover. Then, carefully place the cord in it, ensuring that it fits snugly and doesn’t hang over the edge of the wall. Afterward, fold the cord cover over the end of the cord and press the overlapped ends together to secure the cord cover in place.

Another great idea for concealing unsightly cords is to use a cable organizer like this one from KORDRAP. This versatile product comes in a variety of colors and styles, so it’s easy to find one that matches your walls exactly. It’s also super easy to install—just place the cord in it, fold over the end of the cord and tuck under the cord cover, then peel paper to expose adhesive and press overlapped ends together.

For a sleek look, use a cord cover that’s as thin as possible to hide the thickest part of the wire. These sleek covers are available in a range of finishes so you can find a perfect match for your space, and they also come with attachment brackets that make it easy to create long lengths of cord cover. Once you’ve pinned your cord cover, you can even paint it to match your walls for a seamless look. This is a pro trick that Havenly designer Brady Burke uses—it’s a small detail that really adds to the overall look of the room.

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